Things to do in Rome : Squares of Rome guided tour

One of the things to do in Rome is visiting the
squares of Rome
with an english speaking tour
guide discover secrets and legends of it. 

Duration: 3 hours |  Tour type: Walking Tour

Things to do in Rome : Squares of Rome guided tour


Piazza Barberini - Spanish Steps - Trevi Fountain - Pantheon - Navona Square - Campo dei Fiori - Largo Argentina - Piazza Venezia 

Things to do in Rome: Squares of Rome guided tour

 Squares of Rome guided tour

Tour details: 
  • 3 Hours tour
  • Every day 
  • English speaking guide
Rome is a big city and one of the things to do in Rome is to discover the squares of Rome with your personal english speaking guide who will meet you either directly in your hotel or in Piazza Barberini to start the tour. 

This tour is customized for the one who wants to know about the legends and secrets of artists of the past able to transform Rome into a rich city during the Renaissance and Baroque time. Its true that you can visit the squares on your own but is even true that many people that decided to do that on their own then regretted of doing it because they wondered around without really know the history of what they were looking at. 

The tour starts in Piazza Barberini with the Fountain of Gian Lorenzo Bernini "Fontana del Tritone" with four dolphins supporting a scallop shell on which is seated a triton.  Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a famous sculptor of the Baroque time and you will hear a lot talking about him in Rome. The squares of Rome guided tour will give you the opportunity to know his life and the life of the aristocratic family who made this artist so famous.

You will then continue the tour reaching Spanish Steps that was for centuries the focus of the artistic and literary life of the city. Don't forget that this is also the area where there are elegant shop.  Take some pictures here is really worth to have a memory of the place.

Continue your tour to reach Trevi Fountain, the city most successful 18th-century monument. One of the famous things to do in Rome is to throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain before you walk to reach next stop. We do not want to anticipate anything… follow the guide and discover why you should throw a coin into the fountain.

Here you are … you are standing in front of the Pantheon that survives virtually intact as the most magnificent symbol of the Roman Empire. The great dome with a  43.3 m. diameter of the interior and a circular opening in the centre.  

If now you feel it's time for a coffee, then let know your guide and he/she will be pleased to lead you to one of the two very famous bars here known for the best  roman coffee ever.  If not then  your guide will lead to  Piazza Navona still preserving the dimensions of the Stadium of Domitian that was used by more than 30,000 spectators. This is a square where even the roman come to walk at night its one of the most romantic in Rome with the Fountain of Four Rivers standing in the centre.  

Now is time to see a Roman street market , why not! ... just a quick walk around Campo dei Fiori for a everyday roman experience. The colors of the squares and the typical products of Italy will make you feel really on holiday.

Your tour is leading to an end but before this you will first stop in Largo Argentina where stands on their beauty the remains of four Republican temples in the centre of the square and where the guide will tell you about the death of Julius Caesar.

To finish reach Piazza Venezia to learn the real story about the monument dedicated to the King Vittorio Emanuele.

It's said we have to say Good By, but we hope you will at the end believe that this tour is really one of the
things to do in Rome. 

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 from 2 to 4 people| 3 hours tour  


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